Doing Your Job Is NOT Persecution

For a good part of my life, I identified as a Christian and at one point I was even pursuing the ministry as my Bible Mixvocation. Today, I identify as Agnostic at best (leaning toward Atheist). How did I make such an astonishing transition? The biggest change was I began to empathize rather than feel victimized. What propagated the change? I admitted who I was not only to myself, but publicly – I am a gay man. It took me YEARS to accept myself and eventually learned not to feel shame about being who I am. Recent “religious freedom” laws are only good for reinforcing the “IDEA” that Christians are losing freedoms or are being persecuted – which is irrational and asinine (using it now I wish it were spelled ASSinine).

The most frequent excuse I would get when inviting someone to church back in the day was – there are Tattoo Sintoo many hypocrites. I was brainwashed by my years in the church and could easily counter that excuse by explaining all the good the church and Christians do. Once my perspective changed, I was amazed I was so blind. I tried reading and studying the Bible more and that just convinced me more the excuses I had heard were valid. The  hypocrites had their justification because the Bible can support most any prejudice. There are few things “Christians” hate more than when someone can use the Bible against what they are doing and saying. I have written before that more “Christians” should be called “Biblicans” because the hatred and intolerance they feel can be  justified using the Bible and there is NOTHING Christ like in their behavior – based on HIS teachings. The saddest thing to me is how they are blind to their hypocrisy.

The "thing" is... Atheists don't need proof of nothing! lol

The “thing” is… Atheists don’t need proof there is nothing! lol

I want to understand WHY Christians in the United States feel they need these religious freedom laws? As I see it… the freedom they want is to force others (the general public including gays) to be bound by their religious beliefs. Why would others (especially gays) having equality be a threat they need freedom from? What right have they lost or need protection from? Oh, the right to discriminate against gays; to make sex and contraception subjected to their views. Hobby Lobby is who I blame for all this shit! Providing contraception to employees should not be based on religious beliefs of the company. If the employees were forced to receive contraception, then it would be different!

Paranoid Much?

Paranoid Much?

The paranoid idea that religious freedoms are under attack is fueled by the likes of Fox News constantly having “news” (or rant) pieces about things like “The War on Christmas” that help bolster their ratings! Have they not been inside a WalMart in September? Christmas is in full bloom in the US for at least four months! Saying a non-offensive greeting like Happy Holidays is a threat? They need to go overseas to understand war on Christians. There are persecuted Christians in other countries. Like the boy that cried wolf… I have grown numb to their ideas of persecution.

It could also be fear of having to do their job for someone they USE religion as an excuse to justify their prejudice, Gay Cakediscrimination, or even hatred. All this bullshit about bakeries being FORCED to make cakes for gay weddings is RIDICULOUS! Christ taught “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.” ~Matthew 5:41 A blog by Jessica Kantrowitz ( explains this better and in a more pleasant tone than I can. Memories Pizza in Indiana received more than $850,000 from sympathetic “religious” folks for closing 8 days after standing up to a hypothetical situation that gays would force them to cater and serve pizza at a wedding. They felt persecuted for publicly stating they would discriminate against gays.

Gay pizza party... maybe. Gay wedding.... NO!  lol

Gay pizza party… maybe. Gay wedding…. NO! lol

While I respect Memories Pizza’s rights to believe what they want, it is that they made a fortune given by others that are also paranoid, scared, and frightened by unrealistic hypothetical situations that would not happen. #1 – it would be very unlikely that Gays would ever serve pizza at a wedding. #2 – anyone getting married (gay or straight) asks not forces people to make cakes, take photos, or even plan their wedding. Who wants hate cake, an unhappy photographer or an unenthusiastic wedding planner?

A GOOD reason for a gofund me!

A GOOD reason for a gofund me!

Bill Maher has asked why moderate Muslims have not been as vocal against the likes of ISIS. I ask why aren’t moderate Christians more vocal? I know there are moderates and extremist in any and all religions and beliefs. But the problem I have is when the extremist are ALLOWED to be the LOUDEST voices, the moderate and reasonable are complacent with what happens in the name of their religion or beliefs! I only wish I could be louder for gays, reasonable people and the nonreligious; but when others join in… we will be louder than a gofundme for hypothetical and unreasonable prejudices!

Why are Christians so BLESSED?

Why are Christians so BLESSED?

Jesus even taught,“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake” (Matt 5:10). If the LGBT community HAD equal rights, there would be no need for gays or objecting Christians to stand up for their rights… we would be equal and Christians in the US would no longer feel so hypothetically persecuted!

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4 thoughts on “Doing Your Job Is NOT Persecution

  1. Paul

    Sounds to me you have an anger with people and God’s word rather than not believing in God. This article exists only because you feel wronged. It holds no validity in your path to atheism. I actually fail to believe a true Atheist exists. Quite simply put, the only reason you say you are Agnostic at best (leaning Atheist) remains due to the anger that burns within you towards people and God’s word. I certainly understand anger, but because one becomes angry does not validate unbelief. Be angry with God’s word and/or people all you desire, but tread lightly, God does exist and He does care about you. We all sin, yet God cares for us enough to provide a way for us to overcome sin. I will not argue whether or not one was born as a homosexual, just as I will not argue if an adulterer was born an adulterer, or an addict was born an addict. It simply does not matter what temptations we were born with because we were all born sinners through the bloodline of Adam, yet God declared sin wrong and provided a way for each of us to overcome sin. By God’s grace, we overcome.

    • I appreciate that you read and commented on my post.

      My “anger” is directed more at people that profess to speak for God or ALL religious people. The ones that feel based on what THEY believe… they can tell me what I am SUPPOSED to believe (and what laws I should be subject to based on their belief). Then I get even more “angry” when they say that I am not tolerant because I think differently and express it. No one has to “believe” what I write or say… but when they try using GOD as the reason I need to be silent or not think like I do… I get outraged and it inspires me to write or speak against them.

      It sounds you are ok relying on faith that other men, thousands of years ago, WERE inspired by God. Just as I feel I am inspired to say what I think. But I do not profess that my message is from God. I feel I have the right to be angry at “God” for being unjust and I am willing to accept what may come because I do not base how I live my life on Him… as He is portrayed via the Bible. I like being “just” more than judgmental. Any God that ( deliberately tempts, then blames the person… is not a God I even want to believe in. Love the sinner and hate the sin is just a weak excuse to justify a gay person being happy with who they are and using God to justify that hatred. A God that makes me gay (through birth or environmental situations), but then says I can’t “act on it” or I am doom you to hell is cruel. I refuse to believe in, or have faith in a cruel God. like that. So therefore, I am Agnostic (leaning Atheist) because I do not know what to believe in. So I go about my life the best I can and try not to worry about it… but occasionally write about my thoughts as I make my journey. One must have faith in the Bible to have faith in God and I have NO faith in the Bible as I find it contradictory to itself and the anchor for MANY people’s justification for bad behavior.

      Thanks for sharing you thoughts and I do wish you happiness in your life’s journey.

  2. Paul


    I appreciate your response as to why you wrote this article and your true feelings. I also appreciate your honesty, and I would like to apologize for any condemnation you may have felt you received from me or other Christians. I do not judge you. I simply did not feel you were/are an atheist, and I hope you will reconsider your terminology on that matter.

    As for me, I certainly believe in Christ as my Savior, and I experience a personal relationship with Him daily. You and I differ on our belief in God and His word, and that’s the true beauty of the God I serve – He gives us freedom to choose what we believe (although the choices we make, mine included, might hold consequences). You possess all right to your anger and beliefs just as I possess the same right. You feel God is unjust and cruel while I feel He is sovereign. That’s your belief, and I choose not to argue with you on that. Where would arguing get us anyhow, right? It does seem to me that you believe in God (some form or fashion). It just seems you happen to be angry with Him. I am just happy to know you are searching. I will agree with you that in many cases Christians fail to display the love of Christ, rather portraying a judgment that Christ himself forbid. I try not to be that person, but I am human and do fail at times. That’s a sin equal to any other sin as all sin is just that in God’s eyes – sin.

    I do rely on God’s word that He inspired men to write years ago. I do not feel it is contradictory as I maintain studying it daily. I do, however, see how people can view God’s word as contradictory. I also believe God speaks directly to people today through His Holy Spirit. My belief remains this: If God speaks to me directly, what he says will fall in line with His word written thousands of years ago because God never changes. I don’t believe God tempts because His word says otherwise. Once again, that’s my belief. I am not forcing this upon you because I cannot force my belief on anyone. In my own personal life, I struggle with sexual sin, specifically pornography. I hate when I allow that sin to control me. I love myself as I believe we are commanded to love all people God created, but I hate that sin. I fail in happiness and joy when I sin. I apply the “love the sinner, hate the sin” deal to myself because I am the sinner. I possess no right to label anyone else. However, I have found redemption for my sin through Christ. Anyhow, my belief is that morality is found in God’s word.

    Thank you again for replying to me. I hope you do not find me judgmental as I chose to simply share my personal beliefs with you. I am not trying to force my beliefs on you and I do not dislike you. How could I dislike someone I do not know anyhow? I do hope that if you have any questions about beliefs in my Christ you will keep me in mind. Thanks again for your honesty and reply.

  3. No need to apologize and I have not taken offense to anything you’ve said. You have been polite in stating your beliefs and opinions and it’s not your place to apologize for others actions. Open, honest discussions are a way to learn some perspective from one another.

    The reason I say “Agnostic” is – to me… Agnostic represents the belief of “I don’t know”. Atheist to me also represents the definite belief of NO God. I say I lean to Atheist because I do lean to thinking there is “no” God (or at least what God is – is far beyond what we can understand or be summed up in a book that does not change or adapt with time)… but can still admit that I don’t know.

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