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The Therapy of Writing


I am exhausted! I know I am not the only one! I have reached out to my few but close friends, they agree. Then I reached further, they agreed… things are different. I am happy Frankthat it’s not just me… but WOW am I sad it’s not just me! I have taken about a 2 year break from writing and the world (in my view) is falling apart, is it my fault? lol Did my break from writing cause all of this: the rise of Trump, the … OMG, wait, is all of the things I see wrong in the world related to Trump? Simply put – YES! He has been a flashlight to some dark parts of society I had only seen in shadows. I will try writing more later about that list of obscure issues I feel Trump has highlighted… but this writing will be about how I need to write. I will try to follow Anne Frank’s advice.

I feel hopeless, like there is nothing I can do. While that may be true, there may be scriptotherapysomething I can do to feel better about it – WRITE! While I struggle with all that affects how I see people and question their ideologies, I have to do something for ME!

This little ole blog used to reach a few people. Based on the the site stats: there have been 71,110 views from 179 countries since I started. Damn!!! That is a lot of people that at least looked at my page or one of the posts I wrote! ūüôā Sadly though, it has far from paid for it’self with only 5 donations made! lol Proof that it is probably only therapeutic for me and that I don’t know what I am doing (shouldn’t this make me a little money? lol). I do know I did get great reactions from a few posts. I would say the feedback has been 90% positive and all this time, I¬† have only blocked one person showing that even the people that fall in the 10% get their say.

I worry so much about things others probably don’t even care about like grammar, punctuation, and editing. What I have realized lately is that my grammar, punctuationcovfefe and editing is better than that of the President of the United States. So, I have found one positive Trump has had with me… I feel less pressure to be accurate! lol I can just¬†shoot my thoughts out unfiltered and fuck the consequences!

I have “come out” as gay and poor, I have been open about my health issues, I have admitted to being depressed and lonely. None of that has changed but my willingness to again start putting my soul out for the world to see… well 91% of the world… I will have to investigate which of the 195 countries has not visited my page! I will also keep linking my PayPal donation button in hopes ALL these readers my begin to encourage me MORE! ūüėČ

I’M BACK!!¬†


Blogging is not free!  Please help cover the costs!

Once the $150 a year cost is covered – 50% of EVERY donation will be given to a charity (the charity will not be ME)! ¬†ūüėÄ” />

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Finally – I Know It Works!!

Naive as I may be at times, I still hope for the best. I write these blogs hoping and thinking people will read and enjoy. The idea to blog really started as a way to find an audience for my way of expressing myself. I do have a small audience and a few are even faithful readers. Visitors from 21 countries totaling 2201 hits with 1641 being one time hits makes 561 the number of people who have viewed the blog more than once. Now – I compare this to a book or magazine; 2201 pick up (visit) my blog and 561 take it home (visit more than once). That means 25% of the people who read or visit my blog come back. I think that is pretty good for my limited experience and developing talent.

Today was another landmark – I found out the donate button really works! After I started blogging, I saw the movie Julie & Julia. Julie’s reader’s started sending her gifts and money. So in March, I had the idea to add the paypal donate button to my blog like she did. I pretty much forgot about it as I blogged about: my friends, life’s adventures, politics, movies, my life with Multiple Sclerosis(MS), solicited advice, asked for help with the barn, written editorials, reported about the Bogot√° bus strike, and shared my opinion on many topics. Most read blogs have been: Innocence Taken, Roger Starner Jones, M.D. – Letter Writing 101, A Day at Cerro de Monserrate, I Am a Mexican in WalMart, My Life and the Knife, and Funny How Falling Feels Like Flying….For A Little While. With all the views, hits, comments and readers; it was not until today that I was reminded of the donate button because someone actually made $5 donation.

This donation excites me enough to make me think I will blog more often.  So, feel free to suggests topics, offer feedback and share you opinions. 

My na√Įvety helps me feel these small landmarks have HUGE significance. $5 in 8 months does not inspire me to dreams of being the next David Sedaris or John Grishim, but makes me feel warm and fuzzy.¬† One bit of feedback I did get was to have some shorter posts.¬†So,¬†trying to apply my feedback I try now to stay below 500 words.¬† I value feedback and hope for more. ¬† Because¬†now I know that button works and it has been used, now my question is how to get more people to use it? ūüėČ

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I’m A Writer?

Me - July 4, 2010

Does¬†writing ¬†a blog make me a writer?¬† In a technical sense – yes!¬†I am writing –¬†therefore I am a writer.¬† But my mother writes checks and does not consider herself a writer. lol¬† I think the key for me to be considered a “real” writer will be to have readers.¬† My intent is for someone to enjoy what I am writing.¬† Maybe one day when I also get money for writing I will move from being a writer to – author.

Now, are my writing skills perfect РNO!  My high school English teacher, Debbie Wilson, would be ashamed of my poor grammar!  But even William Faulkner pushed the boundaries of proper use of grammar.  I am trying to express myself, not pass a course.  As I experiment with blogging, I hope to improve my skills.  But friends and fans reading the blogs will push me to improve.

To explain again my 2 blogs – This one, Thomas Johnston, is my personal blog.¬† Here I will write about whatever crosses my mind – love, broken-hearts, politics, movies, music, memories… just about anything.¬† The other blog, Tomass Gringo¬†is to tell a story…. a gay story and targets my gay readers.¬† The main character -Tomass- based¬† very loosely on me and will¬†have more adventures and yes even sexual adventures that the real Thomas does not!¬† Always keep in mind – Tomass is not real and is only a character.¬† lol

I have a new “page” on facebook strictly for the Thomas Johnston blog .¬† I sent invitations to all of my friend list but it can be found by searching Thomas Johnston and there will be a small “author” under¬†my name.¬† Click like and you will get updates about my blog there.¬† The Tomass Gringo¬†(gay) blog will be linked to the Tomass Gringo fan page on facebook.¬†¬†¬†Just search Tomass Gringo¬†and you can also join the fan page.¬† People who¬†enjoy my writing¬†and encourage me to continue can join either or both pages to receive updates about the blogs!

Anyone can follow me on twitter now also – thomasajohnston .

I encourage feedback on both from anyone!¬† There is also a “donate” link through¬†paypal for anyone that wants to encourage me that way!! ūüėČ

Most of all – I hope you enjoy!!

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;-) Just Read!! lol

I was a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Essay finalist back when I was in the 6th grade.  Debbie Wilson challenged creativity when she taught me English. Even at Southwest Mrs. Craig was tough on complacent writing.  I remember writing as one of the few things I enjoyed in school.  Somewhere along my course in life, I forgot the pleasure I once found in writing.

Anyone that reads my blog knows…I love movies!¬† Blogging is like many things in my life, the result of being inspired by a movie.¬† When I watched “Julie & Julia”, I thought…. I can do that!¬† Okay – I am not so foolish to think my ramblings will one day be a movie.¬† Like Julie, little things involving my blog excite me.¬† I am thrilled to share my movie inspired stories, my political opinions and even exposing the pains of my past including lost unrequited love and childhood trauma.¬† One scene¬†Julie (referring to her new¬†blog) screams, “I just got my first comment!” quickly followed by, “oh, it’s just¬†my Mom!”¬† My few comments began with close friends, then from friends I had not seen¬†in years and now I even have comments from strangers.¬† Each comment excites me because it is evidence someone read what I wrote.

Another Julie & Julia inspired idea was the¬†paypal¬†link on the blog.¬† She actually had donations!!¬† lol¬† Now I feel foolish for having put it on my blog.¬† One day some publisher may pay a large retainer for me to write a book using¬†my paypal ink! lol¬† But when (and if) someone donates… that will excite me as well.

Here is where I will ask a favor – no I am not going to ask you to donate lol – I am going to ask if you have read this far….you must enjoy my blog a little.¬† I am going to ask that you subscribe to my blog and if you are not already on my facebook¬†fan page to join my fan page .¬† The links to do any of these things is in the sidebar on the right.¬† Living with a disability and being in a state of early retirement – I need to feel I am accomplishing¬†SOMETHING and writing is how I can still feel I offer something¬†to society.¬† I mean come on… Britney Spears is famous and I think I am as talented a writer as she is a singer!!¬† lol¬† The reality in that statement is there are some people who¬†do really like and enjoy her music… so I am looking for my audience.¬† So to maybe I can even ask more or too much…. maybe if you have continued reading to this point…. you may recommend my fan page and blog to your friends?

Some of the markers in this writing journey :

  • December 29, 2010 – Blog began
  • January 5, 2010 – First Comment
  • January 31, 2010 – 50 Visits In One Day
  • March 23, 2010 – First Movie Review
  • April 7, 2010 – First Stranger subscription
  • May 26, 2010 – Over 100 People “Read Innocence Taken” in 2 Days
  • May 27, 2010 – Record Day With 80 Visits in 1 Day!

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