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Welcome to Bogota!!

My Birthday Cheesecake!!

My Birthday Cheesecake

After long flights and long connections I arrived to Bogotá and my new apartment.  I was welcomed at the apartment with a big “Bienvenido” (Welcome) and “Happy Birthday” banners, 20 or more “Feliz Cumpleanos” (Happy Birthday) balloons of all colors, a “Happy Birthday” Mylar balloon and a cheesecake from my roommate Marlon!  Now that is a welcome!  Not since living in Las Vegas and Jay & Danny have friends made such a big deal about my birthday!

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Leaving On a Jet Plane!!

Even though it is my birthday, I sit at the New Orleans airport.  I am excited about getting back to Bogotá, even though it will be 10:30am tomorrow before I get there!  The layover in Miami is 10 hours…. who knows… maybe I will even squeeze in a quick trip to South Beach!! lol  That will not happen, but it is fun to mention as if it would (or could!!LOL)

Let’s see where this blogging takes me!! haha

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