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Ortiz vs Mayweather = Good vs Evil

The Victor Ortiz vs Floyd Mayweather WBC welterweight title match is a battle of good vs evil for me.  I usually find myself rooting for the underdog in most competitions anyway but Ortiz has become more than just an underdog to me…. he has become a soldier for decency!  Watching the HBO series 24/7 Mayweather/Ortiz, that is part of the build up to the pay-per-view fight on HBO, has shown the athletes in training and gives views of them as people outside of the ring.  For me, the show built a hatred for the ARROGANT Floyd Mayweather while growing a tremendous amount of respect for the young Victor Ortiz not only as a boxer, but also as a person.

In one episode, Mayweather and buddy 50 Cent use stacks of money like phones to chat with each other.  The money was winnings from a bet on pre-season football game.  The attitude to flaunt money like this demonstrates a real lack of character. Mayweather was even videoed burning money at a party… literally “burning” money. After seeing photos of Mayweather “Burning hundred dollar bills, that’s a slap in the face for anyone,” Ortiz said.  Mayweather was photographed burning money “Seeing something like that, that’s made of ignorance. That just shows what may take place in his life in the next few years, especially after I destroy him. I am 24-years-old, but I’ve been through a whole lot more than our good friend Floyd. If you’re really that careless about money like that, who knows where the rest of your life is gonna take you?”

Mayweather has even commented that he was old enough to be Ortiz father (which shows ignorance again because there is only a 9 year difference even less if you subtract the 9 month pregnancy) and the the fight he was going to “son” him…. what does that even mean? lol  After he sons Ortiz he says he will leave him in the ring naked…. again lol Why does Mayweather want Ortiz naked?  Maybe because Mayweather is jealous that he has never been asked to be an underwear model like Ortiz was! 😉

Ortiz’s mother abandoned him and his brother when they were quite young and not long after, their father also abandoned them.  After not seeing his father since his teens, Ortiz saw his father and his father expressed pride seeing the family’s name tattooed on his back.  Not wanting to carry the pain associated with his past… he changed the tattoo.

Seeing philanthropy of people with success endears me to that person.  Victor Ortiz took the time while filming 24/7 Mayweather/Ortiz to spend time with some kids from Big Brothers Big Sisters.  With humility he admits he may not be the best role model… but that he may be a position to be able to inspire hope.  I was surprised when I saw Mayweather, in an effort to appear philanthropic, do a video call with the troops in Afghanistan.  But my admiration was short-lived.  He was asked what inspired him to maintain the physical stamina to keep boxing and he took the web cam and began showing the troops his $4,000,000 car collection including Rolls Royces (one given as a birthday gift from 50 Cent and his 22,000 sq. ft. home!  Does he realize how little our troops are paid?  Does he think that was inappropriate?  No… because I feel he only thinks of himself!  WOW, “THINGS” are what inspires him.   Ortiz’s brother Temo says Victor fights for his family… he fights for ME. By family I feel Temo Otriz is referring to the team more so than blood family that abandoned him and his brother.  The relationship of Victor and Temo Ortiz is a strong one forged by tough times, but as brothers… they have not only survived but thrived!.

There is the saying, if you do not have good to say about someone… don’t say anything.  Well when talking about his fans Mayweather said Fans come first… oh no, I come first, but fans are important but not as important as I am! Sometimes…he should just not say anything!

Win or lose the fight… I think Victor Ortiz is the better man.  I hope he gets a win not just for himself, but also for his brother Temo and his team.  Win or lose the fight… Mayweather will be happy because he will still have what matters most to him – money.  I feel Mayweather was able to use 24/7 Mayweather/Ortiz to show off, while Ortiz showed me that there are good guys even in the sport of boxing.  For such a young man, I see much more maturity in the 24 year-old Ortiz than the older Mayweather.  Ortiz gives me hope for this younger generation and maybe he can find politics as a back up career – he would get my vote!  Victor Ortiz is a role model in my book and he has inspired me…. he has inspired me to once again root for the underdog and hope the better MAN wins!

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Being Cool Comes Naturally…. Just As Insecurity Does

Cool” comes so easily and naturally for some people.  I look at Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and ask myself – how “cool” can one guy be?  Enrique Iglesias may have genetically inherited his ability to ooze “cool” in multiple languages.  Making people laugh makes Wanda Sykes MUY (very) “cool” in my book.  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie even make being over 40 with kids look “cool”.  I could chill beer in the presence of this line up… but what “cool” factor do these people have in common?  Ok – other than being one sexy bunch – they support the gay community and its causes.

Adam Lavine loves and is very supportive of his gay brother Michael and is proud as a judge on “The Voice” that the show does not try to suppress contestant’s sexuality like American Idol does (remember contestants R.J. Helton, Jim Verraros, Clay Akien, Adam Lambert?).  Enrique admittedly loves his gay fans and has even serenaded a gay guy with his song “Hero” at the G-A-Y club in London.  Wanda Sykes “came out” at Las Vegas Pride to lend support to defeating Prop 8 that would recognize only marriages between 1 man and 1 woman in California.  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie gave donations of money and time to also help defeat Prop 8.

All my life I have wanted to know how it feels to be “cool”.  My idea of being “cool” would be to have  confidence, be secure about how I feel about myself while also being apathetic of others opinions.  Even as a mid 1980s runway model with a 28″ waist, I never felt confident.  I had earned a swimmers build by actually swimming, tan-lines that were the result of the sun – not a tanning bed and actually did not look bad in a swimsuit!  But still, I cried myself to sleep wishing I was not so thin…. now I cry myself to sleep wishing I was thin again!  Talk about serendipity!!  Even when I may actually have been a little cool… I did not or could not see it!  My “coolness” was blinded by my internal struggle with own identity.

The saddest thing is I could not identify my internal conflict.  Coming to terms with having been sexually molested as a child by a guy in my neighborhood created BIG TIME insecurities that I still carry today.  Not understanding how this may or may not have affected my sexuality made for a lonely time in my late teens and early twenties.  I also came to terms with “religion” as I knew it wanted nothing to do with me.  At that point in my life, I never knew any gay people, was naïve about celebrities being gay,  much less noticed straight celebrities that were “cool” and/or supportive of the gay lifestyle.  I do not think that being gay is an issue of being “cool”, but back then, to know it would not be “UNcool” to be gay would have saved a lot of dark thoughts that I had about myself.

Even in my confusing high school experience, a classmate when added to my facebook a while ago let me know he thought of me as one of the “cool” kids in high school.  When I was growing up, if I could have had the positive examples from the gay and straight communities that exist today…. I would have been “cool” or been able to see myself as having the possibility of being “cool”.  I do not hold up my “cool” line up to unreasonable standards, I can imagine at some point (or even now) they lacked confidence in themselves.  Enrique is a performer that may feel his father’s shadow over him; Wanda Sykes was once married, so she had issues with her sexuality also; Angelina Jolie is famously from a dysfunctional family… now Adam and Brad’s confidence issues are much less evident!

Adam Levine has “Moves Like Jagger”, a voice that is smooth like silk, bad boy tattoos, and looks that can kill harder than James Bond!  Adam is also my ALL-Star “COOL” guy and my straight guy crush!  Enrique will be the gay community’s “Hero”.  Wanda Sykes will tell you “I’ma Be Me”!  Brad and Angelina will wait to marry when gays have the same right.  I am 44 years old and still fight insecurities on many levels, but the key difference… I realize I am not alone…. if everyone were honest… we would admit we all have insecurities… even the people we think are “cool”. But in the mean time….some kid somewhere is seeing not only gay celebrities, but also straight celebrities stand up and say…. I am confident of who I am and not worried what others think….. and I will stand with gay friends and family… and even if these kids miss the support at home…. maybe they can find support with a growing crowd of people who love them and want them to understand no one can “BE COOL” all the time!!  Enjoy your “cool” moments!!

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You Won’t Win If You Don’t Play

You won’t win if you don’t play, is an expression I have heard a good bit from people that play the Lotto.  While I do admit to being an occasional Lotto player myself, I am not counting on the Lotto to fund my retirement.  But what I enjoy most most is the time between buying my tickets and checking my numbers…. until those numbers are checked…. it still could be me with the winning number combination!  This possibility of hope is founded as long as I played!

Since I have been on disability, I do not have a lot to hope for day to day other than hoping for a good day, a break from disabling Multiple Sclerosis, or do I?  I have discovered online sweepstakes.  I enter as many as I can.  There are some that require help from friends.  There was one for me to win a new shed, friends could vote that the shed we did have was original and creative – it is a 18-wheeler trailer that Dad took the wheels off of and added a storm door! lol  Instant shed.  At the end of the contest, our shed had the most votes, but we will have to see if the judges agree!  I should know soon if I won.  But like the time between buying a ticket and checking the numbers, so was the anticipation to check each day to see if my vote count had increased, had my friends and family taken the time to “help” me possibly win.

The new sweeps I am asking help with is “”. It is a site that for me is like an online directory. This one site has quick links to all of the other places I “am” on the web – including this blog. It also links my facebook and twitter. As my presence online grows, I will include them on my page (  In the contest, the winner will receive a trip to New York City and be featured on a billboard in Times Square. Not since my early 1980s modeling days with Nunnery’s and Our Gang or being photographed by Barry Boyd and Tuminello’s Photography have I been a possible model on a Times Square billboard!! lol (long ago days at that).

After 24 hours in the sweeps, I was in the top 10%…. then 48 hours I was in the top 5%, but now I have stalled in the top 5%.  I have 245 friends on facebook and yet when I post to go vote for me on facebook … I am lucky if 5 go to actually vote. 😦  I have received a few compliments on my writing, but to date – NO ONE has felt the need to used the paypal button to donate and encourage my efforts financially! lol  So I need to find a way to be more persuasive with my writing. I am finding it difficult to get friends to simply click one link then click vote (it does not even require anyone to enter an e-mail lol).  I have had over 8,500 people view my blog in the last year, but only 9 have been persuaded to subscribe to my blog.  So now I will ask the few that read this post to this point to maybe comment on how I may persuade friends to vote, subscribe or possibly even donate.  I NEED a NYC Times Square billboard appearance!  lol  😉

I will anxiously check each day to see how many hits I get for this post, how many votes I get in the sweeps and enjoy the moments of hope that comes with each.  Although it can be discouraging at times it is what keeps me aspiring to be more.  With feedback, help and encouragement from my readers…. I’ll find winning numbers one day!  But it can’t be said I won’t win if I don’t play – I am PLAYING!!

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My Celebrity Highlight 3 – Steve Martin

Welcome to My Celebrity Highlight! I highlight a celebrity and discuss why the celebrity peaks my interest and why they would be invited to my dream dinner party. Any celebrity featured in My Celebrity Highlight should feel free to contact me and accept this as a genuine invitation to join my dream dinner party!! lol 😉

From the age of 10 to about 15, I wanted to be Steve Martin.  His Wild & Crazy Guy routine, frequent hosting on Saturday Night Live and his song and dance paying homage to King Tut kept me laughing and dreaming it could be me doing that.  I actually did have the dream of being a comic, but like many dreamers in Pike County Mississippi, there was little or no opportunity to develop that talent.  Being the class clown was how I dealt with deeper issues no one knew about and not many teachers encouraged the class clown to make the class laugh so even that phase passed.

As I miss my carefree, youthful days being silly running around the house with a fake arrow through my head and laughing at things my parents just did not get, I also miss the Steve Martin of years ago.  Maybe with age he feels too mature to embrace his inner wild & crazy guy, but where is the inner Neal Page of Planes Trains and Automobiles, the Gil Buckman of Parenthood or even Newton Davis of HouseSitter?  I can understand we will not see the likes of Navin R. Johnson of The Jerk, Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr of The Man with Two Brains or Roger Cobb of All of Me, again!

Minus the movie selections he has made over the past decade or so, he remains talented, he just is not challenging himself.  Let’s be honest….The Pink Panther NEVER needed to be remade much less The Pink Panther 2!  In spite of these choices, he remains a person who inspired me even if I never acted on the inspiration.  

Now an embarrassing story.  When The Jerk came out was probably the height of my being a fan of Mr. Martin.  I found a new phone book in the hall at school and began running down the hall screaming, “The new phone book is here, the new phone book is here!  My name is in print…. I AM SOMEBODY!!”  like Navin R. Johnson!!  The first time I had an article printed in a newspaper and I had a byline  – I did it again…. as an adult!  I know… something is wrong with me!  I do still feel like I will actually be SOMEBODY when I have a byline somewhere other than my own self-published blog or better yet… when someone actually hits that paypal button!!

One day I may be SOMEBODY and Steve Martin remains one of the stars I want to meet when that happens!  I just hope the are no The Pink Panther 3s in the works!!

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