My Celebrity Highlight 3 – Steve Martin

Welcome to My Celebrity Highlight! I highlight a celebrity and discuss why the celebrity peaks my interest and why they would be invited to my dream dinner party. Any celebrity featured in My Celebrity Highlight should feel free to contact me and accept this as a genuine invitation to join my dream dinner party!! lol 😉

From the age of 10 to about 15, I wanted to be Steve Martin.  His Wild & Crazy Guy routine, frequent hosting on Saturday Night Live and his song and dance paying homage to King Tut kept me laughing and dreaming it could be me doing that.  I actually did have the dream of being a comic, but like many dreamers in Pike County Mississippi, there was little or no opportunity to develop that talent.  Being the class clown was how I dealt with deeper issues no one knew about and not many teachers encouraged the class clown to make the class laugh so even that phase passed.

As I miss my carefree, youthful days being silly running around the house with a fake arrow through my head and laughing at things my parents just did not get, I also miss the Steve Martin of years ago.  Maybe with age he feels too mature to embrace his inner wild & crazy guy, but where is the inner Neal Page of Planes Trains and Automobiles, the Gil Buckman of Parenthood or even Newton Davis of HouseSitter?  I can understand we will not see the likes of Navin R. Johnson of The Jerk, Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr of The Man with Two Brains or Roger Cobb of All of Me, again!

Minus the movie selections he has made over the past decade or so, he remains talented, he just is not challenging himself.  Let’s be honest….The Pink Panther NEVER needed to be remade much less The Pink Panther 2!  In spite of these choices, he remains a person who inspired me even if I never acted on the inspiration.  

Now an embarrassing story.  When The Jerk came out was probably the height of my being a fan of Mr. Martin.  I found a new phone book in the hall at school and began running down the hall screaming, “The new phone book is here, the new phone book is here!  My name is in print…. I AM SOMEBODY!!”  like Navin R. Johnson!!  The first time I had an article printed in a newspaper and I had a byline  – I did it again…. as an adult!  I know… something is wrong with me!  I do still feel like I will actually be SOMEBODY when I have a byline somewhere other than my own self-published blog or better yet… when someone actually hits that paypal button!!

One day I may be SOMEBODY and Steve Martin remains one of the stars I want to meet when that happens!  I just hope the are no The Pink Panther 3s in the works!!

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3 thoughts on “My Celebrity Highlight 3 – Steve Martin

  1. Brenda

    Your description of running around the house with the arrow made me laugh.

    Did you know that Steve Martin writes novels? I haven’t read his work yet but you might find it at your library. I think he is stretching himself in other ways though I think you follow him more closely.

    By the way, his hilarious hymn about atheists having no hymns is very funny. (Whenever you do get you tube access that is one of the funny things on it. No rush really, though.)

  2. Brenda

    Oops! Left out the most important thing. You already are somebody though it is always nice to aspire for more accomplishments!

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