I’m A Writer?

Me - July 4, 2010

Does writing  a blog make me a writer?  In a technical sense – yes! I am writing – therefore I am a writer.  But my mother writes checks and does not consider herself a writer. lol  I think the key for me to be considered a “real” writer will be to have readers.  My intent is for someone to enjoy what I am writing.  Maybe one day when I also get money for writing I will move from being a writer to – author.

Now, are my writing skills perfect – NO!  My high school English teacher, Debbie Wilson, would be ashamed of my poor grammar!  But even William Faulkner pushed the boundaries of proper use of grammar.  I am trying to express myself, not pass a course.  As I experiment with blogging, I hope to improve my skills.  But friends and fans reading the blogs will push me to improve.

To explain again my 2 blogs – This one, Thomas Johnston, is my personal blog.  Here I will write about whatever crosses my mind – love, broken-hearts, politics, movies, music, memories… just about anything.  The other blog, Tomass Gringo is to tell a story…. a gay story and targets my gay readers.  The main character -Tomass- based  very loosely on me and will have more adventures and yes even sexual adventures that the real Thomas does not!  Always keep in mind – Tomass is not real and is only a character.  lol

I have a new “page” on facebook strictly for the Thomas Johnston blog .  I sent invitations to all of my friend list but it can be found by searching Thomas Johnston and there will be a small “author” under my name.  Click like and you will get updates about my blog there.  The Tomass Gringo (gay) blog will be linked to the Tomass Gringo fan page on facebook.   Just search Tomass Gringo and you can also join the fan page.  People who enjoy my writing and encourage me to continue can join either or both pages to receive updates about the blogs!

Anyone can follow me on twitter now also – thomasajohnston .

I encourage feedback on both from anyone!  There is also a “donate” link through paypal for anyone that wants to encourage me that way!! 😉

Most of all – I hope you enjoy!!

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