The Therapy of Writing


I am exhausted! I know I am not the only one! I have reached out to my few but close friends, they agree. Then I reached further, they agreed… things are different. I am happy Frankthat it’s not just me… but WOW am I sad it’s not just me! I have taken about a 2 year break from writing and the world (in my view) is falling apart, is it my fault? lol Did my break from writing cause all of this: the rise of Trump, the … OMG, wait, is all of the things I see wrong in the world related to Trump? Simply put – YES! He has been a flashlight to some dark parts of society I had only seen in shadows. I will try writing more later about that list of obscure issues I feel Trump has highlighted… but this writing will be about how I need to write. I will try to follow Anne Frank’s advice.

I feel hopeless, like there is nothing I can do. While that may be true, there may be scriptotherapysomething I can do to feel better about it – WRITE! While I struggle with all that affects how I see people and question their ideologies, I have to do something for ME!

This little ole blog used to reach a few people. Based on the the site stats: there have been 71,110 views from 179 countries since I started. Damn!!! That is a lot of people that at least looked at my page or one of the posts I wrote! 🙂 Sadly though, it has far from paid for it’self with only 5 donations made! lol Proof that it is probably only therapeutic for me and that I don’t know what I am doing (shouldn’t this make me a little money? lol). I do know I did get great reactions from a few posts. I would say the feedback has been 90% positive and all this time, I  have only blocked one person showing that even the people that fall in the 10% get their say.

I worry so much about things others probably don’t even care about like grammar, punctuation, and editing. What I have realized lately is that my grammar, punctuationcovfefe and editing is better than that of the President of the United States. So, I have found one positive Trump has had with me… I feel less pressure to be accurate! lol I can just shoot my thoughts out unfiltered and fuck the consequences!

I have “come out” as gay and poor, I have been open about my health issues, I have admitted to being depressed and lonely. None of that has changed but my willingness to again start putting my soul out for the world to see… well 91% of the world… I will have to investigate which of the 195 countries has not visited my page! I will also keep linking my PayPal donation button in hopes ALL these readers my begin to encourage me MORE! 😉



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4 thoughts on “The Therapy of Writing

  1. Hi Thomas, I just wanted to say that as someone who also finds great therapeutic benefit to writing, this post was top notch 👍🏻

  2. Brenda

    Hi Thomas! I am very glad to hear you will be writing again! For those times you don’t feel like writing, you might want to review books and interview people, share poetry, whatever you feel like. I predicted Trump would win because the Democratic Party was truly too much like the Republicans and had, unlike them, literally begun to celebrate street criminals. (They only celebrate corporate thieves.) The DNC didn’t care about the poor little Ferguson, Missouri clerk that was injured by Michael Brown before he later encountered the officer and literally seized the officer’s gun! The officer’s grave error was not getting his gun under control before his gun was snatched. The DNC’s error was never having any victims of street violence on and then having Michael Brown’s mother on! Anyone who had half an eye on Trump knew he lied about everything but the Democratic Party being so in your face pro street violence is a little known reason but the pivotal one in my view that caused people we may have been surprised about to vote for him.

    The dark side of all was obvious to me when Nixon was elected, when Reagan was elected, when the Bushes were elected. I highly recommend the book, THE MAN WHO SOLD AMERICA by Kleinnecht. And for fun, REAGAN’s REIGN OF ERROR by Green.

  3. Brenda

    I should add that I had hoped against hope that people would realize the Republicans would try to bring pre-existing conditions back and take away health care and dismantle all things that help any non-billionaires but that didn’t happen and our idiot media isn’t even mentioning the stuff he is doing. I have written a passel of poems about him. Below is one:

    If I were queen you would be toast
    And wandering ‘round like Marley’s ghost.”

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