I No Heart Huckabees

Many have prayed for me and have hoped for my return to “Christianity”. Former Gov. mike-huckabeeMike Huckabee keeps making their efforts more and more futile. To be honest, there are MANY that drive a wedge between me and Christianity but few have been more successful at widening that gap than that oblivious ass. Huckabee has accomplished something else I thought impossible… he has made me want to defend Jim Carrey. I never hated Jim Carrey, I just felt him to be such an exaggeration. Now I want to even defend his “art” that I had not been aware of until recently.

Sarah-Huckabee-SandersI did not know Jim Carrey was also a painter until this painting of Sarah Hucabee-Sanders. When I saw it, all I jim-carreycould do was laugh. Then I realized I have some respect for Jim Carrey’s art! He painted Sarah Huckabee-Sanders… just as I see her! He also made a very valid point about the hypocrisy of what she does as a living – LIE! What further bothers me about her, her father, and their brand of Christianity is that they can point at others and JUDGE, say how they feel others should live, but screw anyone that holds a mirror up to their lives. What Mrs. Huckabee-Sanders doesn’t realize is that I feel she sold her soul to blatantly lie for such a horrible person. Evangelicals that support Trump have no principle, no basis to tell others how to live. They voted for a man with 5 kids by 3 different wives and we have already learned of a porn actress and Playboy Playmate that he also had affairs with. They can support that view of marriage and family, but fight to deny gay people (me) the right to have marriage equality? They CAN’T even speak out against his “family values” or actually the lack of ANY values! That’s hypocritical and I have all right right to call them out on it.

huck tweetNow, when Jim Carrey’s painting of Mrs. Huckabee-Sanders appeared on Twitter, her father was understandably upset. But what I don’t understand is HOW he reacted. His Tweet M Huck tweetwas defending Christianity more than his own daughter. He strung together words he feels are offensive but in no way apply. Being critical of and highlighting his daughters hypocrisy is not being a bully, sexist, or bigoted. Calling someone a “Christahope” only reveals him to be a “snowflake” that his is! It also shows that only HE is allowed to be outraged by others, because Jim Carrey, many others and me are not allowed to outraged by her “Christian example”? He certainly feels we can’t be creative about it! lol It’s art and therapeutic I am sure just as my writing (ranting) is some kind of art! How can he consider and call out gays for being immoral but not see the immorality of a professional liar?

Here is what I feel is a much bigger issue. Jim Carrey does not profess to speak for all of Hollywood while Mike feels he has the authority to speak for all Christians. He has ALL of the rights to be offended but sure gets upset when others feel offended. He was “incensed” when people were offended that a Chik-Fil-A executive used company funds to huckabee chickdonate to anti-gay organizations. He even felt he needed to call for a Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day to “support” Chick-Fil-A because some people said they would boycott Chick-Fil-A. (lol) I have to laugh because of how defensive he got because another group had been offended by HIS ideology! (I have posted below a link to an article that includes his complete rant to “defend” Chic-Fil-A.) I love how below his name he features the statement “Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness”… as long as it is HIS VIEW of Life, HIS VIEW of Liberty, and HIS VIEW of Happiness but worst of all… HIS VIEW of Jesus, HIS VIEW of Christianity. He doesn’t even get the hypocrisy of of saying that WHILE he is calling for support of “his team” because the “other team” (gays) wanted equality in life, equality in liberty and equality of pursuing THEIR happiness! Chick-Fil-A leave a bad taste in my “Christaphobic” mouth! Nauseated Face on Samsung Experience 9.0


Jim Carrey’s painting of Jesus

Quoting Jesus you know… the “Christ” part of “Christian”, Matthew 7:4-5 says: 4“Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? 5“You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and the rest of the Christian Evangelicals that continue to enable and support Trump, they will continue to hold a spotlight on their Christian hypocrisy. I would have gotten over the Chick-Fil-A’s executive’s comments… but because Mr. FORMER Gov., FAILED presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee blew the issue out of proportion… I have not eaten at a Chick-Fil-A… and that was in 2012 – I can hold a grudge! lol Next time Mr. FOMER Gov., FAILED presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, try simply defending your daughter and speaking as a parent, you do a lot of Christians more damage when you act like you speak for ALL Christians – YOU DON’T! 

Mr. Mike Huckabee has also lost all of his rights to call me or anyone else that disagrees with him a snowflake! He is a snowflake and I guess I am a “Christaphobe”. WOW! Conservatives really NEED to name call!  lol

no heart huckabeesMy final point that I wish Mr. Huckabee would “get”: Mr. Carrey has just as much right to express his dissatisfaction with YOUR brand Christianity and what your daughter is doing, as you had the right to express your dissatisfaction that many were offended by what was plain and simple hate speech about gays that you supported! Here is the math so you understand Mr. Huckabee: Seeing hypocrisy + calling your daughter out for it = you once again thinking that what you feel, want and believe should be forced on EVERYONE. It is something you just can’t understand even about outrage – EQUALITY!


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2 thoughts on “I No Heart Huckabees

  1. Brenda

    Great post! Love the title too. (I still haven’t had a Chick Fil A because of their hatefulness either! No upcoming plans to in this lifetime either.)

    The 21st century (and late 20th) were odd IMHO but the Huckabees are the opposite of what should be considered Christian but as you point out are the only ones allowed air time without harassment.

    I mean Christians don’t have to be socialists but I think there is no denying that the proverbial Jesus we read about in the Bible was clearly at least a democratic socialist. SO if people REALLY wanted to be like him they’d be mulling that one over at least. When they tell you you have to be part of the vile, weird fundamentalism that is the Huckabee version of Christianity one should poke them on the socialism and all other issues I think. And everything else that is so weirdly different from anything New Testament at least. Or just avoid them altogether.

    I have wanted more of those still involved in what I call the kind and decent churches to speak up against the hatemongering of the Huckabee types. Silence is disturbingly like assent though ministers who want their jobs are probably afraid. Richard Dawkins apparently is in touch with many ministers who have become atheists. I don’t know of any jobs I have had or seen in Mississippi where it was even safe to advocate for separation of church and state.

    IN MY OPINION, there can be no devil imagined that is worse than Mike Huckabee was just for personally intervening as gov of Arkansas to stop a 13 year old rape victim from getting an abortion. With that vile man for a father it is no wonder that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is odd and hateful. Unfortunately, she has followed his model. (And he did so many other things that are unspeakable including his treatment of gays.)

    I cannot find the urls to a Methodist minister’s blog that used to exist around 2000. (A very nice man I only knew online who was a minister turned computer guru felt the Jesus as socialist discussion needed more air time.)

    Similarly to some of his points, here are some interesting paragraphs from a Peter Dreier Huffpost essay on socialism and Christianity.

    “Many of America’s leading socialists — including labor leader Eugene Debs, settlement house founder Jane Addams, Rev. Walter Rauschenbusch, and Helen Keller — rooted their views in their Christian faith, which became known as ‘social gospel.’ Indeed, many of the leaders of America’s socialist movement, including Norman Thomas (1884-1968) — who ran for president five times on the Socialist Party ticket and was often called ‘America’s conscience’ — were Protestant clergy.

    Throughout American history, some of the nation’s most influential activists and thinkers, such as philosopher John Dewey, sociologist W.E.B. DuBois, scientist Albert Einstein, poet Katherine Lee Bates (who wrote ‘America the Beautiful’), muckraking writer Upton Sinclair, labor leaders A. Philip Randolph and Walter Reuther, civil rights crusader Martin Luther King, feminists Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Gloria Steinem, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, and Dorothy Day (founder of the Catholic Worker movement) embraced democratic socialism.”

    Many of those for separation of church and state have been Protestant clergy. Americans for the Separation of Church and State has a lot of ministers in it. In his lifetime, my dad was one of their minister members.

    Again, thanks for sharing a great essay/blog post, Thomas!

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