Freedom to BE

I have NO sympathy for Memories Pizza in Indiana. Quite frankly, I resent that they have received over $800,000 (as of this time) in donations! I know there is little way to convince people that sympathize with them that their “Religious Freedoms” do NOT outweigh the LGBT community and supporters’ rights to simple FREEDOM! I ask anyone who reads this that feels they want to support the LGBT community and our “Freedom to BE” to make a donation to their local food bank. Let the food bank know that it is a “gift” from someone that supports LGBT equality. Let’s see if our very generous community can out donate, but we donate to truly needy people! Any food bank that does not accept “Freedom to BE” donations can just lose out. Since there is no way to track a dollar amount from this kind of effort… our community can revel in a silent but beneficial protest that actually helps others. Actually…. donate to any charity as long as they accept it knowing the donation is to honor the cause of LGBT Freedoms. Repost, Share, Like, Comment… let’s just do SOMETHING!!!

Blogging is not free!  Please help cover the costs!

Once the $150 a year cost is covered – 50% of EVERY donation will be given to a charity (the charity will not be ME)!  😀

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