A Cold, Multiple Sclerosis, and Kidney Stones!

I have had a cold for the last few days, my Multiple Sclerosis is very active and last night I passed a kidney stone.  Because of the bitterly cold weather at my parent’s (and other U.S. locations), I dare not say it got cold here…. but it did get much cooler than usual for Bogotá standards and I am blaming that on my getting a cold.  My MS has had my legs weaker than usual and my balance has caused me to fall a couple of times in the apartment.  So with two things kicking my ass, why not a third?  I have had kidney stones 4 times before and this must have been a small one because it did pass in one night, but the pain was very familiar!  My Colombian health insurance has a 30 day waiting period and I am only on day 4 so I self medicated with Dolex (Colombian Tylenol).  Once maybe twice a year I have issues with kidney stones and do not find it any easier when they return.  I did survive and my friend David was handy just in case I decided to try the uninsured visit to the emergency room.

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