Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

Bogota Bus Strike Ends!!

Earlier today the announcement was made that the Bogotá bus strike would end and services would resume on Friday morning.  The strike lasted for 4 days bringing a lot of the city to a standstill.  Schools, universities and even many businesses had to close because students and employees were unable to make their typical commute without the buses.  It will take a while for many to recoup the losses of this four-day strike. As Senor Lopez, the bus union leader, apologized for the effects, I could tell it was an empty apology from someone who in the end got very little using the strike as a negotiating tool.  I wish there was a way to organize commuters to strike and not use the busses to let them feel the effects of their actions.  But as the strike did prove, the buses are a necessary evil in this town for now.  I look forward to the mayor’s new transportation system to take effect reducing the buses on Bogotá’s streets.

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