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Wanting To DO Some GOOD?

Sometimes I NEED things explained to me in a very simple way because – I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND our society!   I saw people donate like crazy for Karen the bullied bus monitor to have a “vacation” with the end result netting her OVER $700,000!  I saw people in LONG lines to PROVE their Christian faith and that marriage should only be between one man and one woman – buying a Chick-fil-a sandwich was that PROOF!  Record sales were posted for Chick-fil-a that day.  But I see so many MORE people with bigger issues and NEEDs who society should reach out to help, but yet these people go unnoticed and/or even ignored.

Here is where I begin my pitch – Josh Rivers of Phoenix is a young man that was paralyzed in a random shooting.  He is trying to raise money for a Bioness L300 Plus that can help in his recovery and could help him walk again.  Josh has a fundraiser posted on ( where anyone can donate to help raise money.  I was inspired by his video and even though I have very little money, I did donate what I could!

I actually saw the link for the fundraiser on Lance Bass’ facebook and when I posted on over 21 celebrities Twitter, only Lance Bass (former ‘NSYNC band member  and Mississippi I Am star and Producer & a fellow former Mississippi resident like me) retweeted my post!  So, I feel it is only fair to acknowledge Lance Bass for bringing this cause to my attention and doing something to help – simply posting on facebook or retweeting the link exposes even more people to the opportunity to help!

Trying to learn more about Josh and wanting to do more to help him, I noticed something that pleasantly surprised me!  There is also a fundraiser planned to help Josh on September 9, 2012 ( that is hosted by the gay community of Scottsdale, AZ (Phoenix area)!  It is not a church or religious organization reaching out to help… but GAY people – one being Morgan McMichaels from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2.  I do not know and frankly do not even care if Josh is gay or not (nor should you), but I do see who is making an effort to help and who is NOT!  I am no theologian, but I seem to remember Jesus Christ actually helping the lame to walk, healing the sick, and helping others.  I would LOVE to see Mike Huckabee embrace this cause!  The gay community and Christians may never agree as to what the Bible or Christ really says about homosexuality, but one thing I would think Christians should KNOW is the example Christ set HELPING others.

I am challenging BOTH the gay community and Christians to do what our communities do best – help others!  I was HURT by the Chick-fil-a episode and even lost friends who felt their having a chicken sandwich is more important than MY having the same rights they have.  But I will feel so much better to see our 2 communities working together instead of fighting!  Gays can make the donation in honor of gay friendly businesses and Christians can donate in the name of Chick-fil-a!  I would hate for it to be a competition but in the end, if Josh gets the money he needs – WE ALL would be winners!

The effort to raise $5,000 for Karen (the bullied bus monitor) to have a vacation ended in a whopping $700,000.00!  I hope Josh’s effort pays off with a similar result.  What if he raises more than the $7,000.00 goal?  Good for him to have EXTRA money to make his life more comfortable and to offer him more opportunities in life!  Now… a simple way society can help me understand there is good in ALL of us is for us ALL to DO GOOD!

The PayPal is a donate button for me… please do not confuse donating to me with donating to Josh (link in article)!  But I live with Multiple Sclerosis and have my own life challenges… the idea of donating here is to encourage my writing ( so far $0 have been donated to me!! LOL)

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Yes! There Is Something You Can Do!

Dad & Thomas August 2010

Since we were told that Dad has only precious time left, many have said, “Just let me know if there is anything I can do.”  Great words to hear and we say, “hanks, we will let you know.”  But we never ask, well I have not asked …. until NOW.  I want to see how many people really want to do something to help us.

One problem Dad has…. he knows he is dying.  In the few moments of clarity, he worries not about dying, but Mom.  If anyone has dealt with someone with dementia, you will understand.  Dad gets something in his mind and he frustrates himself worrying about it.  He only has 25% use of his lungs combined with the dementia.  He amazes me because he does not worry about himself, he worries about us taking care of him, what will happen with Mom when he is gone, who will really look out for his kids and grandkids when he is gone.  Most of this he worried about silently, now he talks to us about it.

The Barn 1

One thing he worries about is our barn.  He keeps saying, “I always meant to get it cleaned up.” , or “I thought I had time to do that later.” or “How will Mom mange it.”  I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis), my sister Darlene has had 6 surgeries on her left knee and one on her right knee and Mom is a 74 year-old Southern Belle.  Add us together…. we are worth 1/2 of one healthy person.  I am going to ask if anyone in the Pike county area is willing to help clean up around the barn?  Is there something you can do…yes, help us eliminate one of Dad’s concerns – the barn.  It is a bigger task than Darlene and I can tackle and we need help.

First Loads

We have gotten a start. But it has hardly put a dent in the project. Using a borrowed tuck even to get this far.  Other than a willingness to help we could also use some equipment: chain saw, heavy-duty mower, and maybe even someone with a Bocat would be great to assist.  Our perfect solution would be just to hire it done, but that is not an option.

Once this project is complete, we should be able maintain it.  It is just a bigger project than we can tackle alone and cannot afford to pay for help.  We need the efforts of our community.

There are sheets of tin, lumber, fence post and many other items that if there is something someone can use, they are welcome to take it with them.  There are well more than 3,000 boxes containing 24 plastic clothes hangers in each box and maybe 500 boxes with 144 hangers in each box.  So anyone needing clothes hangers…. we can help you out.   Actually, we will be paying with clothes hangers!! lol

There is a lot of scrap metal. My idea since we cannot pay people for helping; is to use any money from selling the scrap metal to have a meal (party) for all the helpers.  If we can get good money for the scrap… maybe even something to drink as well.

We can accept our status as rednecks or even charity cases, but Dad is worried of us being perceived as “white trash”.  With Dad’s condition… we can tell him just about anything and he will accept it.  We could tell him everything will be ok, it is taken care of.  I prefer to tell him it will be taken care of and it is the truth.  We could let things just grow up and overtake the barn because we no longer farm and really do not “need” the barn… but the close proximity to the house helps us understand why Dad is worried about this.

Home with Barn in Background.

I hope this experiment surprises me!  Just in saying I was going to write about this, I have a commitment from one strong back.  With a lot of help – think  how much easier and faster this project will be.  If you are interested, let me know via e-mail,  or facebook.  once I see what size crew we have… we will try our best to schedule at a time best for the majority.  If you are not able to physically help – there is always the paypal donation button!! lol  But the fellowship with friends and neighbors will be even better!  😉  Thanks for reading.

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