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Becoming Colombian!!

Let me begin by pointing out to Americans…. Colombia the country is spelled with an O not a U…. Colombia!  lol  Ok…. the Cedula is the Colombian ID and it is probably the most important document to have in Colombia.  I now have my Cedula number and the actual ID is in the mail!!  So technically, I have a Colombian ID and one step closer to becoming Colombian!! lol  Here is what the process for getting the Cedula was for me.  I needed a photo copy of my Pensionado Resident visa, photo copy of my passport, 2 small 3cmx4cm photos with a blue background, medical certification of blood type, and $139,800 Colombian pesos ($69.90 USD).  Getting the visa was not too difficult either… but reading the form sure made it sound more complicated than it was!  I just needed verification of my income in English and Spanish, have it notarized that it was a letter verifying my income, then have the Secretary of State APOSTILLE the  letter.  Then fill out the form for the visa with 2 passport sized photos.  The visa was actually sent via FedEx the next day!  So the process of becoming a legal resident of Colombia was not all that difficult.  I also feel many Americans should follow and look into making Colombia home!

Getting an apartment is a little more difficult without a Cedula, but I got lucky and found someone who knows the American difficulties renting and apartment in Colombia.  I was also lucky to have some great friends help me in my apartment search.

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How I Get Along!!

Great roommates is my biggest asset being in a new city!  This past week my health kept me pretty much a shut in.  My roommates Marlon and Luis Fernando cooked several times and really took care of me!  Through my roommate I made a new friend – Carlos!  WOW!!  Carlos has been a trooper!  He has been my translator, guide and even has acted as my assistant!! lol  He has helped me so much in getting my Cedula (Colombian ID) so I will be able to get my health insurance here.  Carlos is heading to Australia next week and he will be missed!  I hope in Australia he can find great people like I have here in Colombia!

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