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Bus Stike Continues!

Okay … update on the bus strike.  The taxis’ strike to support the striking bus drivers today lasted only like 30 minutes.  So today, again, schools were closed and many had difficulties getting to work.  My understanding of the issue is that the small bus drivers do not want the new “day pass”.  It would be a pass that would allow someone to ride Transmilenio or the small buses for the day with one purchase and I call it a “day pass” because I do not know the real name!  This day pass would help so many that struggle to pay seperate fares every time they need to change buses while commuting to work, school or even somewhere just for fun.  It would help students, the working poor and really – anyone that does not own a car in Bogotá.  It makes sense… so the ones that could also benefit from this change – the bus drivers – instead of negotiating and using skills, words and knowledge, the bus drivers result to being bullies and forcing their wishes through the brut force of a strike that hurts ALL of Bogota.  I have little respect for strikers.

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Bus Strike in Bogota!!

There are two bus systems here in Bogota – Transmilenio, the City buses that run only in designated lanes (similar to a subway line but bus lanes) and the other I simply call the small buses (knowing the derogatory connotation if I called them short buses for my U.S. readers lol) that ride various routes on just about all Bogota city streets.  Today, the “small” buses went on strike and caused many complications as they are a vital part of the daily commute for many.  Well it is expected that tomorrow, the yellow taxis (the largest majority of taxis in the city) plan to join in support.   This has made many stressful and angry.  I still do not see that the small bus drivers are gaining sympathy as much as making citizens angry.  Tomorrow with the taxis showing support for the bus drivers… I want to see what the feelings of the people will be.  For me, it only makes me appreciate that most all I need is a short walk!  lol

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