Someone I agree with and has a kinder way of saying it than me!

Chirping Crickets

I’ve been asked to give my two cents on chick-fil-a.  So here it goes.

The argument should start off by talking about freedom of speech, our 1st amendment right.  Key word here is “right”.  Yes, we have the “right” to express our individual view points and because of that “right” Mr. Cathy didn’t do anything wrong.  I don’t particularly agree with his statements, but that is my opinion.  But here is the problem I have with this whole debacle.  Mr. Cathy doesn’t just express his opinion.  He uses earnings from his company to pursue an agenda that would limit a particular group’s individual “rights”.  The very “right” I agree with him on, our freedom of speech and expression.

See I believe you can take any one of our “rights” and trace its origins back to the first one, Freedom of Speech.  My “right” to marry my partner is not only…

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  1. Brenda

    Great post. Glad you shared it, Thomas.

    As a happily married heterosexual woman, I would also emphasize that I agree that if gays are able to marry who they want that in no way affects my marriage. It is too, too weird when people claim that if gays are able to live their lives in marriage (if they choose) that that affects some other person’s marriage. The more happiness and fairness there is in the world the better for everyone.

    I will not be eating at Chick-Fil-A now that I know that they support the American Family Association, a group that is a blot on the image of the State of Mississippi IMHO. Besides interfering in gay rights, they interfere also in women’s reproductive rights and in your right to read what you please too. (In her book on censorship, Nadine Strossen puts it very, very humorously in one of her books about Donald Wildmon thinking it is okay for him to read pornography but no one else can if he gets his way.)

    I hope that those of you boycotting Chick-Fil-A for hatemongering and not honoring gay rights will also be boycotting ALL Roman Catholic Church fundraisers and festivals until such time that they stop trying to intefere in the lives of non-Catholics and until they stop trying to prevent couples from using birth control and abortion and protections against AIDS. How many cases of AIDS in gays and straights may have been avoided if not for the Catholic Church’s malevolent interference. (This doesn’t even get into their willfully letting pedophiles continue to prey.) The RCC also is constantly trying to use public funds to purvey their hate.

    You won’t see me at Chick-Fil-A and you won’t see me at any RCC festival/fundraiser. Their using their freedom of speech to tell us what they are up to gives us the chance to choose whether to support them or not.

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