Atlantis Events’ Hypocrisy In The Name of $$$$$

Atlantis Events is quite hypocritical in its business practices.  They target the gay community for their business yet are unsympathetic as to consequences of choosing anti-gay destinations!  Dennis Jay Mayer and his partner of 17 years, John Robert Hart were arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure and “buggery” on the ship of an Atlantis Events gay cruise.  The part of the story that bothers me is Atlantis Events casual, dismissive attitude.   According to the president of Atlantis Events, “Many countries and municipalities that gay men visit and live in have antiquated laws on their books,” he said. “The guests’ actions were unfortunate but minor in this case and have no bearing on our overall guest experience.”  It should have a bearing on your overall guest experience asshole!  Why does Atlantis Events take gay passengers to places that have these “antiquated” laws?  Why do you take gays to anti-gay destinations?  Oh – for the $$$!!!  If Atlantis Events are going to specialize in “gay” events, then Atlantis should only dock in gay friendly destinations.  If Atlantis Events is a friend of the gay community, they should inform the countries with these “antiquated” laws on their books that they will no longer bring their passengers to these “antiquated” societies!  Or is the $$$ from the gay community all that is important to Atlantis Events?  I think I may start an events cruise specializing in travel for handicap people to places without handicap access and then with a blase’ attitude say these destinations are just that way.

Atlantis Events simply left the island without them!   Mayer and Hart say they were taunted all night long in a jail cell with no light, no water, and no toilet.  Their safety and horrid conditions were, in my opinion just part of Atlantis Events’ ” overall guest experience.”

If Atlantis Events cannot stand up to these antiquated societies on behalf of people they freely target their business to and profit from, then the gay community should make Atlantis Events and antiquated business.  If Atlantis Events and Dominica begin to miss the gay money, maybe they will wise up and update their antiquated laws and business practices!

 I suggest the gay community boycott Atlantis Events!

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