Site Stats!!

Ok… other than me, few will be interested in my stats for this site but I just posted the recap from WorPress and want to share for anyone interested.

2011 brought:

*  a total of over 14,000 new visits to my blog bringing the total visits to 17,298!!  YAY

*  1,511 new visitors making the total visitors 4,111 unique people to visit my blog!!  YAY

*  there were visitors from 16 new countries making the total visitors from 73 countries that have visited my blog!!  YAY

* a total of $0 were donated…. bringing the to dollars donated to help cover the cost of the blog to $0!!  BOOO

The increase in visits was up 525%, visitors up 58%, and countries visited up 24% but with revenue holding at $0.00!  So the goal for 2012 will be to entice some donations!

Click to see a view of global visitors:

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