I Enjoy My Rage: Am I the Only One?

Republicans continue to attack the poor and seek to further benefit the rich! Where is Americans outrage over what the Republicans are allowing the tea baggers to do?  I once considered myself a fiscal conservative with liberal social leanings.  Now the Republicans are trying to pass their CRAZY “budget blueprint”, I am seeing that I cannot even call myself a fiscal conservative anymore by this far, far right fiscal thinking.  I am beginning to have RAGE against the Republican Party for allowing the tea baggers to be the tail wagging the dog.  Republicans are proving crazy is infectious!

The Republicans are alienating independents like me by catering to these nut bag tea baggers.  Even Donald Trump is gaining momentum with the “birther” theory as part of this “Tea Party” movement (I agree with Bill Maher – I will stop calling them tea bagger when they stop calling it Obamacare).  Showing this is a movement of nonintellectuals.

The “budget blueprint” that passed the House of Representatives today (Friday, April 15, 2011)1 calls for changing Medicare to a voucher system, cutting Medicaid and food stamps, all while not only keeping the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest but also reducing the top corporate and individual income tax rates from 35% to 25%.  Where is the rage against this?

The Democrats by default come across as less fanatical and more level-headed.  “Democrats dismiss this strategy, saying that although some spending cuts are needed to rein in deficits, wholesale reductions in education, public works, research and other core government programs leave Americans unable to compete globally.” says Pat Dollard2.  While programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the defense make up the majority of the budget, these programs can be improved, made more efficient or even reformed without throwing the baby out with the wash! Where is the rage from the poor?

GE made $14.2 billion profit and paid no taxes and in fact received a $3.2 billion tax benefit. 3 GE also employs a 975-employee tax department4 to insure they find as many loopholes as possible.  Why are the Republicans leading their fight by attacking programs that assist the poor and elderly instead of attacking the corporations they are trying to help even more with an even lower tax rate?  Why are they not trying to get the U.S. out of 2 very expensive wars?  My thoughts are the Republicans are influenced by the self-serving interests of the Tea Baggers.  The tea baggers are self-indulgent and have the idea, if it does not benefit me – cut it.  Where is the rage against Corporate America?

Wall Street bonuses increased 17%5 from an already astronomical amount, after the government bailout.  Why have the Republicans not besieged Wall Street in this “budget blueprint”?  Again, does it have something to do with protecting big money?  The poor are an easy target that find it difficult to have access to defend itself in a government that money = access!  The poor do not have access as demonstrated by my unsuccessful attempts to have an elected official listen to my concerns about E.R.I.S.A. and inspiring a blog Mr. Smith Still Needs to go to Washington6.  Where is the rage against Wall Street?

There was a time when it was political suicide to even mention cutting, changing Medicare or Social Security!  The idea of such  caused outrage!  Where are these groups now?  Are they allowing the Republicans to hang themselves?  Why aren’t the old school Republicans curtailing the Tea Baggers?  Where is the call to reform for Corporate America & Wall Street?  Where is the rage against the Tea Baggers?  In the past I would hear tea baggers say they wanted to “take America back” and I would ask, who are they taking it from?  Now I know, they want to take it from the poor and helpless so they have more for themselves.  I am glad my tax money does something to help the poor, sick and elderly because I do not have the money the tea baggers are trying to protect from the government.  I wish I could do more to help the poor, sick and elderly! Why don’t the Democrats harness this rage and take America back – from the crazy tea baggers (note: I am not using rhetoric, I am saying who I want America taken back from)! Am I the only one outraged?

Help me out… give anything… even if it’s only a $1

1 http://www.aolnews.com/2011/04/15/house-passes-6t-spending-cut-plan/

2 http://patdollard.com/2011/04/republicans-propose-6-2-trillion-in-budget-cuts/

3 http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/25/business/economy/25tax.html

4 http://www.accountingtoday.com/news/GE-Bringing-Creative-Tax-Strategies-Light-57849-1.html

5 http://articles.nydailynews.com/2010-02-23/news/27057087_1_bonuses-wall-street-personal-income-tax-collections

6 https://thomasajohnston.com/2010/11/09/mr-smith-still-needs-to-go-to-washington/

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9 thoughts on “I Enjoy My Rage: Am I the Only One?

  1. Latashia Luersen

    Thanks for absolutely using allowable grammar. Approximately all sites were absolute gibberish. Astonishing website & writing skills. You my friend have Talent! I just StumbledUpon this. Not bad. I’ll give it a thumbs up.

  2. I’m glad you brought up GE’s profits because GE benefits DIRECTLY from its million-dollar donations to — wait for it… — the Democrat party. Obama is a direct benefactor of GE and he’s awarded GE’s CEO with a post in his administration.
    It’s also a fact that most of those on Wall Street likewise donate copious amounts of money to the Democrats. Some might even call it paying protection money; nevertheless, the Democrats benefit largely from Wall Street.
    So while we decry profits (private industry profits are a GOOD thing, not a bad thing), let’s also look at who’s profiting from whom and why.

    • Like they (GE) do not also donate to the Republican Party? They pay EVERYONE “protection” money! I hope you are not inferring that your statement does not apply to Republicans also! I only say the Democrats come across move “level headed” (I think is how I said it), I do not say they are exempt from blame! The article is about how the Republicans catered to the tea party and used the budget to force a social agenda rather than responsible cuts that would be best for America. My opinion may not be rock solid for use in debate, but it does show I have more sympathy for the people the tea party are trying to attack than the tea party members. They appear only self-serving and deserve to be in DC with ALL, Republican & Democrats alike, assholes that forget their constituents and cater to lobbyist. I think they are all worthless but given the choice I side with Democrats because their BIG GOVERNMENT does not target defenseless Americans.

    • Like Arizona’s Republican Senator Jon Kyl, I can say whatever I want no matter how untrue it is (even on the Senate floor) as long as I do not intend it to be factual! I do not intend for any of my opinions to be taken as factual!

  3. The GOP “catering” to the Tea Party? If anything the Tea Party would like to waterboard the GOP right about now, and I’ll be the one selling the tickets to that party!
    For example: The GOP did NOTHING to attract voters last November; they simply existed with a perceptible pulse and captured a large majority of the vote because America is disgusted with the Democrats and their party, and what they’re doing to America. It was the Tea Party candidates who carried the water for the GOP in the election.
    Now the GOP is bowing in frightened reverence to the Democrats, even though the GOP controls the House (thanks again to the Tea Party).
    If anything, the Tea Party wants to obliterate the “big government” I think you are trying to decry here (I can’t tell).

    • I am not decrying anything! The Tea Party has to go after Defense, Social Security and Medicare if they want to touch “big government”. The Planned Parenthood and other trivial amounts they were hold signing the budget over are not going to do crap for reducing the deficit. When the Tea Party runs and is elected on campaigns attacking those 3 big government budget items then I will take them serious. For now… they are school yard bullies attacking those that have less than them! They are selfish and not concerned about the poor and defenseless. Since many claim to be Christian, where is there solution to help the poor? They only want to take away and attack the poor and defenseless. They have the means and funds to scream loud, go to protest. The poor do not have the gas money or are too busy working to try to provide for their family! God Bless the Tea Baggers! I feel so sorry for them! They have been victimized enough! LOL * NOT INTENDED TO BE A FACTUAL STATEMENT!

  4. Brenda

    I thought this was a great post, Thomas.

    The tea baggers are a Koch Bros. creation to a great degree. The Republicans and tea baggers are indistinguishable I agree.

    Do you ever read the Hightower Lowdown? He follows lots of the ins and outs of fake organizations the Koch Bros. have created and stuff the Republicans have done to the poor that you don’t read about many other places. The online version is at www dot hightowerlowdown dot com.

  5. Brenda

    Oh, I forgot. I think the poor are so beaten down and running three jobs that they don’t get around to complaining and they are not listened to too often when they do. I mean people voted for Obama as the peace candidate and then the moment the rest of the Democratic primary hopefuls were out (July 2008) he started letting us know pretty quickly he was going to war on too but what choice was left but vote for him if in a state where the votes were going to change things or vote for Nader or someone as a gesture. Otherwise, it was crazy, hateful Sarah and McCain who I suspect we will learn more really bad stuff about one day. He was by the way sixth from the bottom in his class at West Point I think it was.

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