1 Year Anniversary

Today is not only my birthday but most importantly to me it is the 1 year anniversary of my little blog experiment.  Oh so much has happened in this year – most reported here!  Over this year, 3,350 visits were made to the site from 57 different countries!  Of this number about 20% are regular visitors.  Thanks to all who have read my blogs and even a bigger thank you to any that have shared comments and given feedback!

I added the Paypal donate button to help cover the costs, but so far only $5.00 was donated and that was a friend just testing to see if it worked!!  lol  The goal for this next year is to find a way to get donations to at least cover the costs of doing the blog! About a month ago my computer died and I hope to get donations to cover the costs of the blog and to be able to get a new laptop for working on the blog.

The plan is that January 1, 2011, the blog address will simply be http://www.thomasajohnston.com.  Now most of the blog is visible with that address, but hopefully by January 1st it will be fully functioning.  I hope to improve my writing skills and based on my health hope to spend more time writing so you may find something that entertains, inspires or even encourages you or just interests you enough to keep visiting!! 😉

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