Lonely for Love

Lonely for Love

At times I feel I’m tired of living

I know I’m not ready for the end

I tread water determined I want to swim

Life has made me so sore I can not even bend

I enjoy life’s little things

They add up to be one great big deal

The wounds of childhood covered by scars

Hoping to realize the day when all can heal

Each time I try to love

I get handed my hat and have to run

The ease to share and give my heart

I never realize until it has already begun

The feeling that I’m not good enough

Questioning why they only want to be friends

Thinking each time it will work

As soon as I hope, it ends

I continue to try to remove the band-aid

It gets tougher each time

One day I know true love I’ll discover

But for now this will be the end of my whine

This one was originally written September 19, 2006

Now – The BEST song EVER!!

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3 thoughts on “Lonely for Love

  1. Dar

    I told you to stop reading my thoughts! It is like you read my mind for this one. Awesome!

  2. doodie

    Love will find you …. stay true in your heart love you !!!

  3. Robin Roberts

    Very well said Thomas!!! I’m still trying to get over my last relationship that lasted 4 and a half years. It is happening slowly but surely.From the vantage point of hindsight I wonder if the relationship was never what I thought it was in the first place and that hurts more than it being over. Who know I may be over analyzing it. Maybe if she and I could just have a frank conversation about it it might help but we are doing this little dance around it so we don’t get hurt. Anyway thanks Ann Landers. Just hand in there ONE day it will happen.It really is hard to meet that right person, I don’t think it is anything to do with you, sometimes the stars have to be lined up just right for 2 people to come together at the same time.Robin

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