Walking Barefoot

Ok, I am a simple person and easily entertained these days.  Earlier today I walked to the mailbox barefooted.  The weather has been perfect for combining shorts and barefeet.  Enjoying the feel of the grass and the cool rocks under my feet reminded me of my country boy days where playing outside in my barefeet was as common as sunshine or rain.

As a child, I remember visiting my friends that lived in town.  We would play video games in their bedrooms.  Video games in this day was “Pong”.  But friends visiting my house were exposed to a completely different world – playing outside.  It was very common for my mother to ban us from coming inside, “I am cleaning, stay outside until your dad gets home.” 

We lived in a rural area on a large piece of land and my friends and I would adventure through woods for acres and acres.  Shoes were always optional.  So playing in barefeet for me was no issue because the bottom of my feet were tougher than shoe leather.  My friends were real examples what a “tender foot” was. Now in the house or at the pool are about the only times I find myself barefooted.

While living in Colombia, I could get a manicure and pedicure for the equivalent of $5 – $10.  Manny & peddies became a routine.  My feet have grown soft.  My barefoot adventure to the mailbox was a flashback to even simpler days.  I even looked at the rocks thinking this was pretty and maybe the right contractor could lay a beautiful shower floor using these rocks.  Cooler weather is coming, so I am glad I found the time to appreciate some barefoot time.

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One thought on “Walking Barefoot

  1. Darlene

    This was beautiful! The memories that it brought back gave me that warm fuzzy feeling!

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