Daily Archives: August 12, 2010

Getting Back Into Action

I apologize to anyone that has been looking for new content on my blog.  But as blogging goes… I really do not know who (if anyone) is reading my blogs; therefore I do not know if ANYONE has even noticed I had taken a break.  While I may have taken a little more than a month off from blogging, it has been far from a vacation.  Look for blogs about my Dad and his health, traveling home, life in Bogota as well as life back home in the U.S.  While my official residence is still Las Vegas – Summit, Mississippi has become a very long layover on a very long experience.  I now have high speed internet here so, I am out of excuses not to get back into action and blog.

My dream is to know that people are reading this and sharing my thoughts matters to people or even someone.  That expressing myself may even entertain someone.  So for anyone that has been looking for new blogs… they are on the way.

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