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What Is The Best Thing To Do?

This, I would like comments, feedback and interaction!!  lol

Ok, sometimes we make plans, but something comes up.  The best thing to do is to call, text, e-mail or something to let the person know that the plans have changed – right?  Now let’s pretend that does not happen, plans were made then the next day you remember, “Oh, shit!  I had made plans with XXX and I went to my mother’s house instead. I feel asleep. I broke my neck falling in the shower”  Excuses are shared: I did not have my cell, I was out of minutes for my phone (common here in Colombia – there are no unlimited plans here lol), My dog ate my computer….. whatever excuses are shared with an apology.  What next?


A friend makes plans with you, you get ready, you wait….. and wait…. and wait…. then you realize this is not going to happen.  So you start killing time waiting.  Chatting online not wanting to write on your blog because, “he is late” and if I start writing I will have to stop; you don’t clean your room because you have already gotten dressed, you do not make plans with another friend because this is the first time you are meeting this person and they show up late and now you have other plans.  Then too much time goes by and it is too late to make plans with anyone else.  So you are bored all night and get nothing productive done.  The next morning you sign on to “chat” and there he is and he apologizes.  What next?

I have tried to explain both sides of this situation.  What next?  I have apologized what more I can do or is expected (vs) I do not want forgive and forget; I do not want be a punk-ass bitch that is disregarded so easily.

I also have not said which is my side of the story (but people who know me knows where I fit in this story!!! lol) and ask…. WHAT NEXT?  This was someone who lives close and just by proximity has the opportunity to develop into a really good friendship and I want them to forgive me (vs) this person is a shit and I do not need people like this in my life!

This was a first impression …. what next?  I made a mistake with this person (vs) I made a mistake about this person.

I am asking for interaction here…. chose a side or make suggestions for each side of the situation…. I want to know what you think!!!  Please comment!!

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No More Post Updating My Life With MS

I will no longer be posting accounts about my life with Multiple Sclerosis.  Cigna is trying to use this information against me as another way to deny me the benefits I paid for and they refuse to honor.  Since my next step will be to sue them, I will not post information for them to create more injustice with.  This is another example of how Cigna is ruining my life by NOT simply doing what they are supposed to do and preventing me from even enjoying a blog to share with friends and family about my health.  Look for a long detailed post as to how Cigna has done me wrong and continues to do so!  The U.S. does not need healthcare reform… what is needed is insurance company reform.

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