¡Feliz Año Nuevo! = Happy New Year!

I am in Bogotá, Colombia and I am excited that I (once again) get to start over with a fresh start in a new place.

The Nemo Gang!

I had a great time last night bring in the New Year in Colombia!! I went to a party with Tim and was the STAR!! lol I do not think many there had met an actual Gringo!! haha The kids were so captivated with me and loved attention from the Gringo that knew little Spanish. By the end of the night they all had nicknames from characters in the movie “Finding Nemo”. One girl (1/2 of a set of twins) was so fascinated with bubbles and I called her bubbles from “Finding Nemo” and then the other kids wanted nicknames.

Alex is a friend of Tim and his mother insisted I dance with her.  I guess the alcohol had helped me find my inner Latino because I was able to keep up with her. haha Overall, it was a good night.

Tim was my first kiss, but I also feel it was a last kiss. We just are not wanting the same thing. If I learned nothing from Bruno, I did learn I cannot be the only one wanting a relationship. So, I feel I have matured (a little) and will not WAIT for the object of my affection to see me as boyfriend worthy…. I will just look for a new object!! lol Sorry guys to call you objects, but when a guy treats me as a valued person I will search for a better term!! lol

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